Common sense addressed to the inhabitants of America


Know. Resist.

You can't fight if you don't know how. The Common Sense Republic is here to help provide the tools and the knowledge to enable you to fight against the policies, executive orders, and any other nook and cranny of society in which justice for all can be challenged. 


Our news cycles have turned into dystopia, social media is turning into a meltdown board where, understandably, fear and anger compound on each other until we find ourselves terrified of things that may or may not be true. The Common Sense Republic is dedicated to providing analysis on the most actionable issues in our news cycle.

Our analysis follows what we call our A3 Framework:

Affirm (acknowledge the severity of the issue)

Analyze (dig into the issue and understand what is really at stake)

Act (Provide practical suggestions for how to fight against the issue)



- To equip those on all sides of the fight who know what's at stake with resources (blog, state representative roster, etc) to fight against injustice.

- To approach all new actionable issues with a level-headed clear picture of what is happening and what needs to be done.


- To turn knowledge to clear action, and clear action into justice for all.

- To organize our voices to promote efficient fundraising, clear and helpful advocacy, direct campaigns against unconstitutional policy.